Why This Exists?

Thanks for joining me!  Since January, I have been keeping book reviews, mostly for being able to keep track of the books I've read and facts about them so that I could better remember the books I've read.  I found it's been helpful for times I'm reading a book series but have to wait for… Continue reading Why This Exists?


Pure Awakening – A. James

Rating: 5/5 I have always loved him. Though that love has evolved, metamorphosed, transmuted over time (and sometimes it felt a little—maybe a lot—like hate), what hasn’t ever changed is that I love him. But I didn’t comprehend the depth of my love, the teeth and claws and desperate prayers of my love, until six… Continue reading Pure Awakening – A. James

Dark Oblivion – G. K. deRosa

Rating: 5/5 There’s no stopping a prophecy. Solaris and Kaige can no longer deny their feelings. And their world is about to pay the ultimate price. Death is quickly spreading through Imera, endangering all the inhabitants of Draconis in the process. Synth is running out, and the nocturnes are becoming dangerously restless. When rations dip… Continue reading Dark Oblivion – G. K. deRosa

The Janie Series – C. B. Cooney

        Overall Rating: 4/5   This series is one that I started to read back when I was in late elementary school or early middle school.  Back then, I only read the first one and enjoyed it, but didn't really feel the need to read the rest of the ones available at… Continue reading The Janie Series – C. B. Cooney

Family Patterns – K. Eckhardt

Rating: 4/5 Sarah Hart, expert in vintage quilt restoration, finds herself in position to solve the hundred year old mystery of her grandmother's disappearance, and clear her grandfather's name. Takes place in the small town of Maple Hill, MA. First in a series. For the first time, I found myself really enjoying a book by… Continue reading Family Patterns – K. Eckhardt

The Book of Sariel – K. Rommel

Rating: 3/5 Sariel is the angel of death and is responsible for ushering the human soul to Heaven, Hell, or possibly someplace between. Who is Sariel and what does he do besides serve humanity in their final moments? Does he have other motives? Does he know how to love? Follow Sariel as he explores the… Continue reading The Book of Sariel – K. Rommel

The Experiment of Professor Polgas – S. Brownlee

Rating: 2/5 If you were an animal, what would you be? This is the question Blaise, Ash and Dinah unexpectedly stumble upon during the summer holidays when they enter a strange internet café. A mysterious woman asks them to take an online test to discover what animal most closely matches their own personality. They are… Continue reading The Experiment of Professor Polgas – S. Brownlee

Dark Divide – GK deRosa

Rating: 5/5 Divided by the dark wasteland between worlds, Kaige and Solaris deal with the consequences of their blood bond and the dangerous secrets they share.   Their attempt at normalcy is quickly interrupted when Solaris stumbles upon a gruesome discovery in Imera, one The Collective would kill to keep quiet.  Kaige risks everything to save her,… Continue reading Dark Divide – GK deRosa