Hello to everyone, and I want to welcome to my blog, called Infinite Pages. This blog is, in case you couldn’t already tell, centered around books. I have had a passion for books for much of my life and have always loved reading and writing. I love sharing my opinions and ideas with the world. Well, the parts of the world that want to hear it, of course!

Most of the posts are going to be book reviews, especially early on but there are also spotlights that highlight a book, blog tours hosting new releases and sometimes other bookish posts for you to enjoy. It took until 2022 before we really started branching out here into more and more book themed posts instead of just spotlights or reviews. You can check out the books by year that their post went up or use the search option to search for a certain book, if you know what you’re looking for. I am working on going through and adding tags to the older posts so that they should be searchable by things such as genre and age range as well.

If you want to get in contact with me about a book of yours – or even someone else’s, please feel free! My comments on my posts are always open and you can feel free to use the Contact Page to contact me by mail or email with requests.

My name is Jesse and I started this blog to initially help me keep up with book reviews I was leaving for good books. After that, I started loving the work and posting more and more. Then I started doing blog tours then author requests and now we’re here and ever expanding to fit more things in that you all want to see me cover.

I am always up for hearing your ideas on how I can improve, books or posts you would like to see featured, or even if you have a different opinion on a book! I love hearing from all of you.