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Pride Guest Post by Amy-Alex Campbell

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Hello and welcome back to the Pride celebrations! I can’t believe that it’s already almost the end of the second week in June! How did this month fly by while we’ve been celebrating here? Of course, I bring you another author’s work for your enjoyment. Amy-Alex Campbell, or Amex as they sometimes go by, is a good friend of mine that I met pretty recently, but I always enjoy talking with them and seeing their opinions and thoughts online.

Amy-Alex Campbell is a queer Australian author who grew up near Bendigo, Victoria. While epic fantasy is their genre of choice, Amex also enjoys writing M/M romance with a mix of LGBTQ+ rep. Amy-Alex can be found on Twitter at @AmyAlexCampbell or on their own website. They also draw fantasy maps for other authors, which you can check out on Fiverr. To view all of their books, you can also visit the Amazon author page for Amy-Alex Campbell. With that, enough rambling on about my friend from me, let’s let them speak for themselves, shall we?

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About Amex

G’day g’day! I’m Amex from Aussie land. I’m 37 and identify as non-binary genderfluid – masc leaning. I switch between slightly fem, gay man, and absolute nothingness. Amy-Alex is not my real name (that’s secret), but it represents my fluidity which is important to me.

I’ve been writing since I was 11 years old. In highschool it was all I wanted to do, so I took all of the writing classes and was always top of my English class. I started writing The Lowest Realm when I was 17 and toyed with it on and off, but after the first chapter I just couldn’t get it right. I shelved the project and got on with navigating life and adulthood.

It wasn’t until 2019 when I came across a meme that lit a firecracker inside my brain. As soon as I saw it, I knew what my story was missing. And so I set out to write my first man loves man story. The Lowest Realm admittedly needs some work, and I am currently balls deep (can I say that? Lol) in rewriting it, which will become the second edition. This is why I haven’t been promoting it as much. In saying that, book 2 – The Darkest Realm – is bloody awesome!

There have been a few challenges I’ve faced as I made my way into the writing world. Writing gay and bisexual men felt so natural to me, and I had no choice but to admit a few things to myself – deep down inside I’ve often felt like I too am a gay man, and that always terrified me. But in these last three years, I’ve learnt so much about myself through my writing, and it has helped me to explore my own gender woes.

One of the issues that cuts me deep is every year or two when the ‘cis women fetish’ thing pops up. I already deal with imposter syndrome daily, and I know that being afab (assigned female at birth) does impact how I am perceived by my target audience. At the end of the day, I write for myself and my few faithful followers who do love my stories.

I have two series – The Miscreant and the Marsden Park series. The Miscreant comprises of The Lowest Realm, The Darkest Realm, and soon to be The Final Realm. I also have a spin-off that will be published after TFR, Tysion’s Story.

The Marsden Park series is M/M romance set in Sydney, Australia. I’ve pulled Catalogue of Disaster from circulation as it is a disaster. This will be rewritten in the future. Beneath the Grandstand is a story about a security guard who just left his abusive ex and becomes homeless. He finds love with a homeless man who has a dark secret. This story is very close to my heart.

And finally, when I’m not writing, I’m usually drawing maps and posting them to TikTok. I love making fantasy maps, so if you need one, please DM me on any of my socials and get in touch. I will always do a fair price for indies!


I am an avid book reader and have recently started to keep journals of my book reviews of books I've read. This serves two purposes for me - to keep up with the books I read and better remember them, and to also either recommend them (or not) to others.

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